The Glassworks For Tutorials
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The Glassworks contains ideas, tutorials, and information about products and techniques used during the fusing process.

There is an ever expanding range of glass fusing tools, materials and methods.

In this section can be found troubleshooting and technical information on glass kiln working as well as product details of interest to glass artists.

The use of various fusing materials, techniques and ideas are also covered.

Follow the links for more details on the various subjects.

Information Pages

E6000 Glue is a favorite of glass jewelry makers world wide.

Two part epoxy is a great medium for attaching items to glass.

Fused Glass Annealing is a major part of the fusing process.

Applying Decals how to apply decals to fused glass jewelry.

Cord/Chain Holes using fiber paper to create holes during the fusing process.

Multiple Fusing Glass Layers will produce thick fused glass objects.

Dichroic Coated Copper Foil how dichroic coated copper foil is used for glass fusing.

Glass Bubble Paints for use in a glass fusing kiln.

Glass Bracelet Molds are used to make kiln formed glass bracelets.

Glass Pattern Bars are fused stacks of glass that are cut and added to glass projects.

Pattern Bar Slices fused at high temperatures to change color and shape.

Digital Controllers allow fusing programs to run automatically.

Drilling Holes how to drill holes in fused glass.

Glass Circle Cutting cutting circles in fusing glass.

Glass Cutting basic glass cutting techniques.

Glass Cutting Systems can improve your cutting accuracy.

Glass Jewelry Bubbles minimizing bubbles when working with dichroic glass and fusing decals

Embossing Stamps transfer designs to fusing glass.

Glass Fire Polishing techniques used for fire polishing different glass thicknesses.

Fire Polishing an example of shaping and fire polishing dichroic glass pendants.

Fusing Glass Bubbles use copper oxide powder to add bubbles to fused glass pieces.

Contour Fusing an example of firing to achieve soft and rounded corners for jewelry pieces.

Glass Kiln Maintenance regular maintenance can extend the working life of a glass kiln.

Kiln Carving how to imprint a shape into a piece of art glass jewelry.

Mixing Glass Enamel how to mix glass enamel for use during glass fusing.

Glass Compatibility Test for correct coe.

Infinite Control switches maintain glass kiln operations.

Precious Metal Clay And Fused Glass cabochons can be easily combined to make pmc jewelry.

Overspray is easily made and is sprayed onto glass prior to fusing to prevent devitrification.

Powder Vibe applies frit or powder to fusing glass.

Glass Volume Control using volume control to maintain the shape and size of fused glass jewelry.

Renewing Kiln Wash after a number of firings.

Boron Nitride Spray can be used to prime glass fusing molds.

Bullseye Glass Studio In A Box allows you to begin glass fusing very quickly.

Spectrum 96 Glass Studio In A Box allows you to begin glass fusing very quickly.

A Glass Jewelry Bit cuts a groove in fusing glass for wire wrapping.

Fusing Glassline Paper use glassline paper in glass fusing designs.

Fused Glass Mistakes use fused glass mistakes to make new designs.

Fused Glass Plate an open weave style plate.

Slumped Fusing Glass Dish a fused and slumped small dish.

Fused Textured Glass Plate a painted, textured and slumped glass plate.

Fused And Slumped Glass Stringer Plate a multi-colored fused glass stringer plate.

Fusing Glass Shapes use pre-cut shapes in your fusing projects.

Making Glass Frit ideas for crushing glass for glass frit.

Glass Pot Melt use a pot melt to produce colored swirls of fusing glass.

Glass Aperture Pour use an aperture pour to produce colored bars of fusing glass.

Rapid Resizer Software A software progrsm for enlarging and reducing glass patterns.

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