Use Embossing Stamps To Stamp Designs In Hot Glass

Embossing stamps are used to stamp designs in hot glass during the glass fusing process.

Stamps can transform a plain piece into a decorative item, paticuilarlyc when used on dichroic glass.

Heating glass to the right temperature will allow you to twist, shape, and mark it in many ways.

Using an embossing stamp you can stamp a design directly onto hot fusing glass. There are a large variety of stamps available at the moment that are suitable for this process.

The following photos illustrate some stamps and the purpose designed handle to accept the stamps. This range of stamps comes in decorative and alphabet styles from JP Glassworks who also sell the handle.

An internet search will find other companies selling stamps, ensure they are stainless steel or copper which enables them to handle the high kiln temperatures.

Stamps do not need kiln wash or other protection, however the stamp must be cool to avoid sticking to the glass.

Top loading tabletop kilns are best suited for embossing fusing glass.

Stamping Instructions:

1. Heat to about 1500 F (816 C) to 1600F (871 C) you may need to lift the temperature higher in some kilns.

2. Assemble stamp and handle.

3. Wearing kiln safety glasses and gloves open the kiln slightly and peek inside. The glass should be fully fused and nicely rounded.

Do not let the temperature rise or  the glass may become too soft for embossing and it can spread too far when it is embossed.

4. When the it is ready turn off the kiln, wearing your gloves and kiln glasses open the lid, grasp the stamp by the wooden handle only (the metal rod will quickly heat up) and press it straight down into the glass.

Rock the handle from side to side and from back to front. It should take no more than 5 seconds to complete the process.

5. If the glass was too cool and the design is not crisp you can re-stamp the item.

Let the kiln hold at the embossing temperature a little longer.

Make sure your kiln is off and the stamp is cool and press the stamp again. Any image remaining from the first pressing should disappear.

6. Turn the kiln down to the annealing temperature of 960 F (516 C), hold for about 40 minutes, turn off kiln and let it cool.

Embossing works well on dichroic glass pendants and will allow you to produce an original piece of kiln formed art. It can also be used on cuff bracelets.

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