Art Glass Tools

Art glass tools come in a wide range of styles and prices for use by glass fusing artists. Learn which art glass tools are best suited for your home studio.

If you can't visit a studio or store to discuss your needs, an online search for fusing tools will find most of the implements needed.

Everything from cutters and breaking pliers to fusing kilns can be bought online.

There is a wide variety of tools and glass kilns available and the most expensive aren’t always the best, many online stores carry tools at very reasonable prices.

Basic tools you will need when making fused items are a glass cutter and breaking pliers as well as a ruler or straight edge and a cutting surface.

Cutters and pliers are probably the two most used items in kiln working,

Cutters. Come in two basic styles, pencil grip and pistol grip, some have an inbuilt reservoir to hold lubricating oil for the special cutting wheel.

Circle Cutters. This range of cutters will allow you to cut accurate circles.

Pliers. There are a large range of pliers available for the cold working process.

Reaching Pliers. There are a large variety of reaching pliers or tongs available for you to use when working inside a hot kiln.

Wheeled Mosaic Nippers. Nippers are a very handy cutting tool.

Fusing Kilns. An electric kiln is used for fusing different glasses together.

Glory Hole Furnaces. Glory Hole Furnaces are a flame driven furnace used to manipulate and shape fusing glasses.

Abrasive Tools. Using abrasive tools to clean and smooth edges is a necessary part of jewelry making.

Cutting And Grinding Tools

As you gain more experience in kiln work you may wish to attempt more challenging projects that involve extra cold working of your designs.

Table top grinders and saws are very versatile when it comes to smoothing and shaping.

Under normal circumstances a grinder is probably the first power tool you should invest in.

With a grinder you can carry out a wide range of grinding and shaping tasks.

Saws can be very expensive, the amount of time you use a saw may not justify the purchase price as well as the cost of replacement parts.

Listed hereunder is a number of useful coldworking implements.

Glass Grinders. One of the most useful tools is a table top grinder.

Flat Lap Grinder. Suitable for grinding and polishing fused and unfused items.

Wet Belt Sanders. Suitable for heavy duty cold work.

Glass Saws. One of the major saws is the band saw.

Ring Saws. Ring saws can cut very intricate shapes and patterns.

Tile Saws. Used to cut thick pieces and slabs.

Sandblaster. Use for carving and etching.

Additional Tools

The following tools may prove useful to you as you expand the range of projects that you tackle.

    Straight edge
    Permanent Black and Silver Markers
    Tape measure
    Small plastic dishes
    Container for glass offcuts
    Electric drill
    Diamond core drill bits
    Standard pliers
    Jeweler's pliers
    Tile nippers
    Craft knife
    Strip cutting system
    Total cutting system

Like all hobbies, you will probably acquire more and more implements as you become familiar with the total kiln forming process.

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