Jewelry Photo Galleries

Wander through the jewelry photo galleries and see what strikes you.

I hope you will find something here that gives you an idea for a creation of your own.

The items in these galleries are mainly hand made.

All of the fused glass jewelry and fused objects have been made in our glass fusing studio.

Beaded jewelry pieces have also been made in our studio.

These are only a few examples of a range of beaded jewelry and fused art glass jewelry you will be able to make using basic techniques.

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Things to keep in mind when designing your pieces – color combinations, personality, bead styles (small, medium, large or a combination), what suits your wardrobe and the season.

Look for inspiration in stores, magazines, movies, nature and online. You will be surprised at what you find.

When I first started I found myself looking at people passing by and checking their jewelry.

There are no set rules for handmade jewelry - just enjoy yourself,

experiment with color, shapes and textures in your designs.

A large number of fused glass jewelry images can be found on Google.

Many artists have stores on Artfire, Etsy and Ebay, you will find many beautiful art glass pieces in these stores.

The kiln formed glass art gallery has examples of various types of fused glass plates and coasters.

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