Fused Glass Jewelry
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Fused glass jewelry can be produced in many styles and colors.It can be made from transparent or opaque fusing glass.

One of the more popular forms of art glass jewelry is the use of dichroic glass, which, after firing in a glass kiln displays brilliant colors which are not always evident in photos.

The gallery photos cover a wide range of styles and colors available to glass fusing artists.

Pendants,earrings and bracelets can all be made in a glass fusing kiln using various fusing methods.

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Rainbow diachroic glass earrings Blue dichroic lattice glass earrings  Purple dichroic fused glass earrings
Round blue dichroic glass earrings Copper dichroic glass earrings Copper dichroic glass pendant
Abstract dichroic fused glass pendant Purple dichroic glass fused pendant Red abstract fused glass pendant
Gold dichroic fusing glass pendant Black and white dichroic fused pendant Black fused glass pendant
Black fused glass pendant Green fused glass bracelet
Pink dichroic fused glass bracelet Stacked fused glass pendant
Yellow stacked fused glass pendant Green dichoric fused glass bracelet
Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant Dichroic Glass Fused Pendant  Fused Glass Pendant With Decal
Red Glass Pendant Black Cat Decal Purple and Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant  Two Tone Green Fused Glass Pendant
Yellow   Pendant Black Tree Decal Green and Blue Dichroic Glass Pendant Blue Black Dichroic Glass Pendant
Dichroic diamond fused glass pendant Red Glass Frit Pendant Multi colored Glass Frit Pendant
Gold dichroic glass diamond Pendant White and multi colored glass Pendant Blue Glass Pendant
Chinese Red Fused Glass Pendant Colored Disc Glass Pendant Five Disc Glass Pendant
4 Disc Glas sPendant   Colored Fused Glass Bracelet
Blue and white fused glass frit earring   Red glass pendant with black tree decal Black gold green dichroic glass pendant
Blue fused glass earrings Rainbow Fused Glass Dichroic Earrings Black and white fused glass dichroic earrings
Bluecross fused glass dichroic earrings Blue dichroic stud earrings Mauve drop  glass earrings
Aqua drop fused glass earrings Green fused glass drop earrings Red drop glass earrings
Green glass fused cuff bracelet Red glass fused cuff bracelet
Orange glass fused cuff bracelet Yellow glass fused cuff bracelet
Latticno fused glass drop earrings Zanfrico fused glass drop earrings Black fused glass millefiori drop earrings
Orange fused glass drop earrings Lime millifiori fused glass drop earrings Pink dichroic fused glass drop earrings
powder painted fused glass pendant glass fused powder pendant low fire glass pendant with bail
Dichroic ripple glass fused pendant Fused dichroic glass pendant Fused picasso style dichroic pendant
Fused Picasso Dichoric Pendant dichroic glass picasso pendant
dichroic style picasso pendant dichroic glass picasso pendant etched dichoric picasso style pendant
Kiln formed glass is exciting as you are never quite sure what the final result will be when you open your glass kiln.

Color shifts and shape changes can produce great pieces of glass jewelry.

Dichroic glass produces such a range of colors that are so brilliant and surprising.

Some designs require a number of firings as the design may need to be built up with additional glass layers.

Many dichroic glass designs require a layered firing approach.

Dichroic can be etched chemically or with diamond engraving tools. Either approach will result in very original designs.

It is not difficult to make art glass jewelry that will give you a great deal of enjoyment.

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