Jewelry Craft Sales

Jewelry craft sales avenues for the sale of your handmade creations.

Handmade jewelry craft sales of fused glass jewelry, chain maille, resin jewelry creations or perhaps precious metal clay is a natural thing for you to consider once you have mastered your field of choice.

Traditionally jewelry makers have sold their designs to family and friends who quite often pass them on as gifts. Word of mouth can expand your sales, always include a business card with every sale.

Good selling avenues for jewelry craft sales are home jewelry parties which can be quite effective.

Be on the lookout for local studios who may have an open day and are seeking exhibitors.

Taking a booth at an arts and craft fair is very good way to boost your jewelry craft sales and reputation.

Selling at art and craft shows is a traditional way to sell your jewelry. These events can range from a local church bazaar to professionally staged events. Quite often these events are held outside where the atmosphere can range from laid-back flea market to a gallery atmosphere.

Over the years the art and crafts scene has changed as searchable databases have been developed that let craftspeople search for suitable jewelry craft sales, fairs, and festivals in their area.

Fairs And Festivals, a craft show listing resource that gives you precise details on thousands of pre-researched events. This subscription can save you a lot of time trying to find events on your own.

Craft Listers offers a searchable online database of free art and craft show listings. A handy utility will allow you to search by zip code and specified date.

Festival Network Online is a subscription data base of free listings where you will need a membership to attain all the show details.

An Internet search for art and craft fairs will turn up other art and craft listing services.

Pricing your jewelry will be a challenge as it is very easy to under price your work. Spend time checking prices for similar items in on the Internet, in shops, magazines, and your competitors.

Try to price your item relative to the market you intend to sell in. There is no overall formula for your pricing decisions, learn to trust your judgment based on your knowledge and experience.

The Internet is now one of the most powerful sales tools available to the home jewelry maker. You have the choice of many online sales outlets such as ebay, Etsy or ArtFire.

Whilst Etsy and ArtFire are geared towards quality handmade items ebay tends to be more general in the types of jewelry you will find.

You need to check online sites as to whether they charge listing fees and their commission rates.

If you wish you can set up a store on these sites housing all your items, or you can list your items individually.

Find out as much as you can about the best ways to promote your items on these various sites as you will need to promote your jewelry yourself.

Joining the different site groups blogs and forums can be very helpful.

Some sales sites have excellent forums where members post great information and tips.

Please visit the Jewelry Craft Book page on this site for publications devoted to home jewelry making and sales suggestions.

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