Art Glass Supplies
For Glass Fusing

The range of art glass supplies required for kiln forming need not be extensive. General fusing projects can be produced with a minimum of supplies.

It is not necessary to have a large store of supplies to produce great fused designs.

Glass fusing can be as simple or as complex as you want to be.

With a glass kiln, cutter, glass pliers, thinfire paper or kiln wash, great results can be obtained.

As you become more experienced you can add to these basic supplies so as to expand the range of glass art you wish to produce.

For many years I have purchased my supplies from Delphi and have found them to be a very reliable and helpful supplier.

They have an extremely large range of art glass, tools, books and general supplies.

Delphi offer great advise as well as online videos.

Delphi Glass

Even if you don't buy anything the site is well worth a visit to check out the items and information available.

Fusing projects can be made with some or all of the following supplies:

Fiber Paper is another method to ensure that glass does not come into contact with the kiln shelf during the fusing process.

Kiln Furniture is used to support glass during the fusing process

Kiln Wash is a liquid that is painted onto a shelf to prevent glass sticking to the shelf during the kiln forming process.

Fusing Glues are used to hold pieces in place before and during the fusing process.

Safety Wear is a "must have" for most aspects of the fusing operation.

Shelf Paper is a quick and easy method to ensure that glass does not stick to a shelf during the fusing process.

The following items can be used to produce different styles of fused objects.

Bubble Powder

Crinkle Dichroic


Dichroic Paper



Frit Blends


Frit Powders

Kiln Refractory Materials




GlassLine Paper

GlassLine Pens

High Temperature Wire

Materials For Inclusions

Papryos Fusing Paper

Jewelers Findings

Lava Cloth

Liquid Stringer

Mica Powder


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