Fusing Glassline Paper Between Sheets Of Fusible Glass

Glassline paper is designed to be fired between sheets of fusible glass to create original designs.

The paper can be used with any glass COE. It can be easily cut with scissors, craft knife or may be torn to produce a ragged edge for an interesting design feature.

Various shapes can be combined to make original glass art designs.

This paper is now available in a range of twenty one different colors.

With each color available in six distinct styles: plain, splatter, crinkle, granite,sandstone, and marble. Paper is sold in individual color packs or in a variety of kits.

The paper is sold in five inch x five inch and ten inch x ten inch squares.

These different colors and styles may be used to achieve a multitude of shapes, designs, and textures.

The paper can be used with glassline pens; the pens can draw on the paper or directly onto the covering fusing glass.

The paper can also be colored with glassline chalks.

Textured or colored paper can be placed into fused glass jewelry or with original glassline pen designs on the paper or glass.

Different colored papers may be combined in the same fused glass creation.

The paper should be handled carefully and not bent as some color may flake off.

When fusing this paper a gap of 1/4" from the glass edge to the paper is advisable. If the paper is too close to the edge the glass will not seal properly and the paper may crinkle.

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