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Jewelry Making Faqs-Most
Often Asked Questions

Question: Can you cut fused glass?

Answer: Fused glass can be cut with a band saw, ring saw or tile saw. If the glass is not too thick, it can be cut with a glass cutter. You may need heavy duty breaking pliers to cope with thick glass if you use a glass cutter.

Question: How do you make glass lace?

Answer: Sprinkle fine or medium frit on a kiln washed or thin fire paper covered shelf. Use a small paint brush and make some small holes in the frit. Place in glass kiln and quickly bring to fusing temperature.

The frit should spread and form a lace pattern, turn off and let cool.

Question: Can you make Murano beads in a glass fusing kiln?

Answer: Genuine Murano beads are hand made on the isle of Murano in Venice. They are made with special flame working torches and are generally not made in glass fusing kilns.

Along with other Venetian glasswork, some beads are hand blown.

Question: What is vermeil?

Answer: Vermeil is the application of gold plating over a precious metal.

To be considered vermeil the gold must be at least 10 carat (42%) and be at least 2.5 micrometres thick.

Generally, it is applied over sterling silver and the vermeil products are used in jewelry making.

This is not the same as gold filled which is gold plating applied to a base metal, such as nickel etc.

The Indonesian island of Bali is a major producer of vermeil wire, beads and jewelry findings.

Question:What are fibre optic beads?

Answer: Fibre optic beads are a synthetic product made from the same material as fibre optic cable. Beads come in a multitude of changing colors and shapes.

One of the most popular is known as cat's eye because of a band of color around the middle of the bead, this bead is sold in different grades.

Question: Can you fuse glass in an electric stove?

Answer No!!! Stoves are for cooking only. They cannot generate enough heat nor do they have the controls needed for glass fusing.

Question:Is it possible to make chain maille sheet.

Answer: There are a number of weaves that can be used for chain maille sheet. A search of the web should find some suitable weave patterns.

Question: Is there a special tool I can use to quickly twist long lengths of wire together.

Answer: There is a tool called a safety wire twister that is used to neatly twist two wire lengths together. You fasten the wire at on end over a nail or in a vise and attach the twisting pliers to the wire ends.

By pulling on a knurled knob and allowing the pliers to spin the wire will be neatly twisted.

This tool is available in sizes of six and nine inches.

Beadalon have a twisting tool that will allow more than two wires to be twisted at one time.

The Coiling Gizmo is another twisting tool it can also be used to produce different styles of wire jewelry.

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