Kumihimo Braiding Is Fun
And Easy to Learn

Kumihimo braiding is an ancient Japanese art of braid making that can be used for a wide range of craft projects.

Traditionally kumihimo were made from dyed silk thread, today many different types of thread including wire are used to make kumihimo braids.

Kumihimo cord weaving is easy to learn with many styles and colors to choose from.

kumihimo braiding

Braided cords can be round, flat or hollow and may be used for the following:

• friendship bracelets

• bracelets

• pendant cords

• necklaces

• beaded jewelry

• fashion accessories

These is just a few of the many projects kumihimo braiding can be used for.

Including beads whilst weaving necklaces, bracelets or fashion accessories is now quite popular.


Kumihimo are made on a number of different stands. The most traditional being a wooden stand known as a marudai.

Braiding is done on the round top of the stand.

kumihimo marudai

The top of the stand is known as the mirror.

Cords are wound around weighted bobbins known as tamas.

The braided cord has a weight bag attached and goes through a hole in the stand top.

The weight bag pulls the woven braid through the hole

The weighted bobbins and cord weight provide the necessary tension for braiding.

Threads are moved around the round top of the marudai thereby creating the braiding process.

Thread movement around the mirror is fluid and quick as the threads are easily moved.

Marudai come in different heights so that they may be placed on the floor, on a table or stool , or between your legs.

Prices can be around $100.00 plus per unit. Bobbins may be extra.

Complete kits are available.

Search the Internet to find the best prices for these units.

Kumihimo Disk

A modern version of this is the handheld Kumihimo foam disk, as per the following photo.

humihimo braiding disk

To avoid tangled threads, special plastic bobbins are available to hold each thread.

There is no need for weighted bobbins as the threads are held in the slots around the disk.

A weight attached to the end of the cord pulls the woven braid through the center hole.

The threads are moved around the plate in the same manner as the marudai.

Many of the marudai patterns can be made on these plates.

kumihimo brair and bobbins

Kumihimo Square Plate

A square Kumihimo foam plate is also available for flat braiding only and will not produce rounded cords.

These plates are very good for making different friendship bracelet styles.

The same weaving techniques apply to these plates with plastic bobbins and disk slots being used.

Both the disk and square plates are inexpensive and usually come as a Kumihimo kit with full instructions and are readily available.

An internet search will soon find these items as a number of places sell them.

Can be purchased for around $8.00.

Instruction books are readily available.

Free Kumihimo instructions and patterns can be found online.

Special Kumihimo jewelry findings are now available for finishing woven cords.

Clasps, toggles, loops and other findings allow cords to be finished as necklaces, pendant cords or bracelets.

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