Glassline Pens Add Color
To Glass Fusing Designs

Glassline pens are a painting and lining medium designed for use in glass fusing projects. They are lead free and food safe.

Fired in glass kilns at about 1500F they are compatible with most types of glass including float, COE 90 and COE 96.

Paints are available in 21 colors and sold individually in 2oz bottles or in kits.

The pens can be used to draw or color directly onto glass or applied between sheets of glass and then fired in a glass fusing kiln.

The paint can be thinned with water and brushed onto the glass.

Metal tips, bold medium and fine are available that will produce different line widths, the tips are fitted directly to the end of the applicator bottle.

To create subtle shadings the paint can be thinned with water and then applied with an air brush onto the glass surface.

Paint should be applied thinly, or else a cracked or rough surface may appear after the glass has been fused.

It is possible to build up paint thickness by applying multiple coats and fusing the paint between each coat.

Fine tips are ideal for outlining a design that can be filled in with other Glassline colors.

This is quite often done by placing clear glass over a drawn design and then painting the design onto the glass.

Using this approach, frit or glass powder can be applied to the clear glass as a design element along with Glassline paints.

Using the metal tips fine line drawings can be applied to fused glass jewelry.

Painted designs on larger kiln formed items such as bowls and plates can be done with Glassline pens.

Paints can be combined with glass frit or with Glassline paper to produce new and interesting designs.

Another design possibility is to use different colored mica to add sparkle and highlights to the paints.

When using mica the glass fusing temperatures need to be monitored to ensure that the mica is not burnt away.

Glassline Pen Assortment Kits

and separate pen colors are available from Delphi Glass.

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