Using Shelf Paper
In Glass Kilns

Shelf paper prevents damage to glass kiln shelves from hot fusing glass during the glass fusing cycle.

It is necessary to ensure that fusing glass does not come into contact with the kiln shelf as it will stick to the shelf as the heat increases in the glass fusing kiln. Using shelf paper is one of the easiest and quickest methods to prevent this happening.

This paper is a ceramic paper that is very thin, specially made to prevent glass sticking to the kiln shelf. Although more expensive to use than kiln wash or normal fiber paper it will produce a somewhat smoother finish than other methods

Fiber paper and kiln wash should not be overlooked as they both are very suitable for many fusing projects.


A piece of paper is placed between the art glass and the shelf before the kiln is started.

The binders in the paper should be burnt off as the paper can sometimes leave a milky white film on opal or dichroic glasses.

To burn off the binders the kiln should be kept vented and the temperature bought up to about 1000f/538c, the paper should darken as the heat increases and the binders burn away.

Once the binders are burnt away the paper will become white and fusing can proceed with the kiln vent closed.

Normally the paper is used only once and thrown away after glass fusing is complete. Discard carefully after fusing, as the paper is very fragile.

You should wear a respirator to avoid breathing in any dust from the paper.

Remember to ensure always that glass does not come into contact with the kiln when making fused glass art pieces.

The paper comes in 41inch rolls, which many stores cut down, to 20 x 20 inch sheets. ThinFire paper from Bullseye Glass is one of the best known brands.

If firing small glass pieces it is not necessary to cover the shelf completely with paper.

If there is a large gap between your item and the papers’ edge you may need to place small pieces of scrap glass around the paper to stop it curling over onto your jewelry piece.

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