Using Fusing Glues During
The Glass Fusing Process

Using fusing glues to hold glass items in place during hot glass fusing.

It is sometimes necessary to use glass fusing glues to hold glass pieces in place during the glass fusing process.

A number of glues have been developed especially for glass fusing, they tend to be a little expensive but used sparingly will last a long time.

There are some general adhesives which work quite well in glass fusing and are not as expensive.


Because of the nature of some designs glues are used to keep the pieces in place whilst assembling the design and/or whilst moving the kiln shelf to the glass kiln.

Glass will sometimes move during the fusing cycle and the glue will hold the items in place.These glues are designed to temporarily bond the glass together and not leave any residue behind after glass fusing is complete.

To avoid any residue on the glass, glue must be used sparingly otherwise blotches may be left on the glass.

You need to decide what type of product you require as some glues will take time to cure and the glass will move until the glue sets. These are suitable for projects that take considerable time to set up.

Other glues set in minutes and are the types normally used for small items such as fused glass jewelry.

Some of the adhesives available today are as follows:

Elmer’s glue

Standard white glue

No Days Liquid fusing adhesive

No Days Glass Fusing Adhesive Squares

Fuse It Tack Film

Hair Spray (unscented)



Hotline Fuser’s Glue

Glastac and Hotline tend to be slow setting and may be better suited to large projects rather than fused glass jewelry items.

No Days Glass Fusing Adhesive Squares require heat from a heat gun to set.

Hairspray is quite often used to hold frit in place for certain fusing operations. Pump action spray can also be used for larger pieces.

It can also be applied directly to glass by removing the spray, use a cotton swab to apply the liquid to the glass pieces.

Allow to dry before moving or fusing.

Use superglue with caution as it sets so quickly you may not have time to align your pieces.

Standard white hobby glue is used frequently to set up small pieces of glass. I find that if you leave it to become tacky on both glass surfaces it works well.

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