Glass Frit Powders

Glass frit powders are used as a coloring and painting medium in fusing applications. The powder is made from finely ground glass.

COE 90 and COE 96 powders are available, like fusing glass they cannot be combined.cannot be combined. By mixing with other colors of the same COE a large color palette can be achieved.

They can be used as a single color or used with other powdered colors.

Powder can be simply sprinkled onto glass and then fused in a glass fusing kiln. It can be mixed with a medium such as Aloe Vera or water, painted onto glass, and then fired in a kiln.

Always wear a face mask or respirator when working with frit powder to prevent inhalation of glass dust.

One of the more common ideas with powder is to use a sifter to sift powder onto glass. Sifters can be obtained from fusing and enamel suppliers.

  • Stencils can also be used to produce interesting design features.
  • The mix is sifted through the stencil and the stencil is then carefully removed.
  • Stiff paper or card stock can be used to make stencils.
  • Metal and plastic stencils can also be purchased.
  • Clear and colored powder can be mixed together.
  • Powder can be combined with different grades of frit to make original fused art glass jewelry and general fusing projects.
  • Opaque colors generally produce darker colors than transparents.

However, a number of coats may be needed to produce a deep dark color as one or two layers may be lighter in color then anticipated.

When working on some designs a number of firings may be required to build up the powder thickness and colors.

Once powder is applied it can be moved around with a brush or tool to produce an attractive design.

By pre-firing the glass face down on fiber paper a texture is produced that will give the powder a better surface to cling to as it is moved around.

It is a very useful and versatile fusing material, the results obtainable can result in superb kiln formed art.

Tutorials and ideas for frits can found at the Jewelry Projects page.

The tutorials cover a range of fused jewelry items.

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