Using Glass Fusing

Using glass fusing decals adds extra depth and colors to fused glass jewelry. Applying decals is a fantastic way of expressing your creative side.

There are many commercially available fused glass designs and an even larger number of ceramic designs which you can use in your glass jewelry items and fused glass pieces.

There are two types of decals– High Fire and Low Fire.

High fire can be sandwiched between two pieces of glass and fired to full fuse in the glass kiln. The low fire transfers are applied on top of a fused piece and are fired up to 1000 F.

Most ceramic transfers can be treated the same way as low fire glass ones although I have had some success with using them in high fire designs.

It’s all a matter of experimenting. Fortunately they are not very expensive.

A great way of making your individuality stand out is to combine parts of a few designs to create a unique scene or design. The key is to play and have fun with them.

Most design packs are supplied with the makers instructions. You may need to adjust the firing temperatures to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Decals come in the following styles:

1. Gold

2. Silver

3. Sepia

4. Colored Enamel

5. Black

Making your own designs

You can produce your own designs by using specially made photo decal paper and a HP LaserJet printer.

All HPs use toner containing iron. That is what gives the color to the print which produces the sepia color when fired.

You can either scan your picture into the computer or if you use a drawing program use that to generate your design. There are also a lot of clip art sites which sell non-copyright designs that you can use.

Once you select your designs –

Print the designs out on ordinary paper first so that you can double check such things as size and placement. Once you are satisfied then you can print out onto decal paper. Remember to use the highest resolution or highest quality settings on your printer.

Follow the same application instructions for commercially produced transfers

The image can be fused on the surface or capped by placing clear glass on top and full fusing the two pieces together. If left uncapped, the ink will turn a sepia tone. If capped, the black oxides should turn a lovely shade of umber and the image is permanently fixed 'inside' the glass.

Using the above method you will be able to produce a lovely piece of fused glass art.

The photo below is a high fire decal capped under glass.

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