Applying A Fusing Glass Decal
To Fused Glass Jewelry

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For this tutorial pre-fired contoured fused glass is used, the contoured pendant consists of two pieces of Bullseye glass.

A wide range of decals are available for glass fusing. Many decals used on ceramic ware can be used for decorative purposes on glass.

Low fire decals used for this project are fired at at a low fusing temperature on the glass surface and are not capped with clear glass.

Hi-fire decals fire at a higher temperature and can usually be capped and refired to fuse the cap.

Metallic decals, which  have gold or silver designs will have different firing instructions. 

Applying Decals

1. Always clean the glass first to remove any dirt or fingerprints, as this will interfere with the item being cleanly applied. Use either rubbing alcohol or mild dish washing detergent.

2. Cut out the decal from the design sheet, cut close to the design to remove the transparent binding material.

3. Remove any covering paper before soaking. Use distilled water to soak the design, it is best to avoid introducing minerals from normal tap water. Soak for approximately 20 to 25 seconds.

4. Wet the surface of the glass with a mist spray before applying the design to make it easier to position it.

5. Apply the transfer by sliding it slightly off the paper backing, holding the exposed paper backing with a pair of tweezers

Position it to the desired location on the glass, hold it in place and blot excess water with either a paper towel or a small squeegee until all the water and any bubbles have completely disappeared.

6. Allow the design to dry completely. I leave mine for 24 hours. The smallest amount of moisture can steam the design from the glass surface, resulting in a partial transfer, pinholes or blisters.

7. Once your piece is completely dried, fire it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to vent the glass kiln slightly as you ramp slowly so that the transfer medium is allowed to burn off.

You may need to experiment with firing temperatures to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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