Safety Wear Must Be Used When
Engaged In Glass Fusing

Safety wear is critical when working around hot glass kilns or when cutting, grinding or drilling fusing glass;

Due to the nature of glass fusing a number of hazards exist that can be dealt with a sensible approach to safety.

If you are not careful, eyes can be injured, lungs harmed and property burnt if safety issues are neglected.

By adopting a preventative approach, you can enjoy your hobby free of serious problems.


Always wear appropriate clothing, do not wear synthetic clothes when working around a hot glass fusing kiln, acrylic, polyester and polar fleece should not be worn.

The heat from an open hot glass kiln can cause these materials to ignite and cause serious injury.

Fire retardant clothing is preferable, wool is a good retardant fabric.

Cotton can also be worn.

Long sleeves give added protection.

Loose fitting clothes should be avoided.

Heat resistant aluminized rayon fiber aprons reflect radiant heat from open glass kilns and are a good heat protection option.

Tie long hair back.

Do not wear open toe shoes or sandals in a glass studio. Sturdy leather shoes or work boots should be worn.

Loose or dangling jewelry should be removed when using moving tools or equipment.

Wear earplugs or earmuffs when working with power tools and equipment.

Keep working area clean and well ventilated.

Information regarding kiln working conditions can be found on this site at the Glass Kiln Safety page.


Cartridge filter respirators should be worn to safeguard against harmful particles and fumes.

Glass dust from grinding and sawing should not be inhaled.

Dust and fibers from ceramic products such as fiber paper, fiber blanket and fiber board can be dangerous and possibly carcinogenic.

Glass powders and ground glass enamels pose potential problems if inhaled.

Do not rely on a throwaway dust mask.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to clean the studio rather than a broom that will spread harmful material widely.

Clear safety glasses need to be worn for glass cutting, grinding, sawing, drilling, handling hazardous chemicals or working with other powered tools.

Kiln safety glasses are essential to cut down on harmful infrared radiation thrown out of an open hot glass kiln.

Shaded dark kiln safety glasses should always be worn around an open glass kiln.

Prolonged exposure to infrared radiation can cause cataracts in later life.

Heat resistant gloves should always be worn when opening and closing a fusing kiln as well as for handling hot materials. Hot air will sometimes rush out when a kiln is first opened, heat work gloves and shaded safety glasses will protect you should this happen.

Keep an "ABC" rated fire extinguisher near the kiln, it may never need to be used but it is a most valuable piece of equipment.

A first aid kit should be nearby with burns ointment, adhesive bandages, painkillers and disinfectant.

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