Cartridge Filter Respirators

Cartridge filter respirators are desirable to cope with some of the major issues encountered when engaging in glass fusing work.

Readily available they are superior to throw away masks.

Throw away dust masks cannot deal with all the dust and fume situations that arise during fusing processes.

Approved safety standard particulate respirators are available at home improvement and hardware stores and are suitable for use in kiln forming work.

Select a replaceable cartridge mask that will deal with the dust and fumes encountered in kiln work such as grinding, sawing, chemicals as well as ceramic fibers, glass powders and enamels.

Respirators should also be worn if working with adhesives or mixable resin liquids.

Respirators cause breathing resistance, please observe the following.

Caution. Talk to your doctor before buying a respirator if :

• You have coronary heart disease

• You have breathing difficulties (Asthma, Emphysema)

• Are pregnant

Masks are available in a number of sizes, ensure you buy one that fits your face and is suitable for the work you intend to do.

It is important that the mask is correctly fitted over your mouth and nose at all times.

It must be correctly sealed against the face without any interruption, such as from a beard or jewelry.

The straps should be tight enough to prevent the mask from moving but not overly tight.

Check condition of mask before each usage.

Replace cartridges or mask if there is any damage to filter or mask.

If breathing resistance increases, replace filters.

Recommended cartridge time limit is exceeded.

If it smells or tastes of any contaminant, replace filters.

Change filters regularly.

Always store respirator in a plastic bag, away from all dust and chemicals.

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