Wear Kiln Safety Glasses When
Looking Into A Hot Glass Kiln

Glass kiln safety glasses are needed when looking into a hot glass fusing kiln, fusing kilns generate infrared radiation which can be harmful to the eyes.

Prolonged exposure to infrared radiation can result in cataracts, which may occur some years after the initial exposure.

As the fusing kiln begins to heat above 1100° F (600° C) fusing glass will commence to glow and throw off infrared radiation that increases as the kiln and the fused glass gets hotter.

Specially shaded glasses are required to protect the eyes from this radiation.

It is highly recommended that shaded glasses be worn whenever the glass kiln is opened at these temperatures.

Welder's glasses can be worn, these glasses usually have a rating number that denotes their ability to block harmful rays.

A shade of two or three is appropriate for kiln work.

Glasses can be rated from 0 to 14, the higher the number the darker the lens, this means that normal light is reduced making it difficult to see whilst working around the kiln.

Fusing safety glasses produced for kiln workers should have a shade number rating between 1.75 and 2.5.

Between these ratings 85% to 97%, radiation will be blocked.


A quick look into a kiln should not be harmful, but if the door is opened for glass manipulation such as glass combing or other forms of glass work then shaded glasses are a necessity.

A full heatproof safety shield over shaded glasses is a good safety precaution when working with hot glass.

Didymium glasses for glass bead making are not suitable for kiln work and should not be worn.

Do not wear ordinary sunglasses as these will offer no protection.

Dark glasses suitable for kiln work are available at many online art glass shops and welder's stores and are not very expensive.

Most shaded glasses will fit over prescription glasses if necessary.

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