Glass Kiln Safety In
The Home Studio

Glass kiln safety is of the utmost importance when using glass fusing kilns in the home studio. When opened, hot kilns emit large amounts of heat and harmful rays. It is very important to always use suitable protective safety gear.

Kiln Placement

Kilns are very well insulated and are generally very safe, but they should not be placed directly on a wooden floor. Place on a heat retarding surface or a stand with a 12 to 18” clear space all round.

Before purchasing a kiln check with your supplier to see if it will run off normal household power or will require a special wiring circuit.

If your kiln requires a dedicated electrical circuit use a qualified electrician to install the wiring and circuit breaker for you. Keep flammable material away from the kiln, heat rushes out of a hot kiln if the door is opened; you need to keep the fusing kiln area clear of anything that may be dangerous.

Always switch off the kiln before working inside.

Never introduce a metal implement into kiln that is switched on as many kilns have exposed heating elements or thin covers over the elements and you could receive a dangerous electrical shock.

Whist kilns are well insulated the external handles can get very hot, always wear appropriate heat proof gloves when opening and closing your kiln.

Fire Extinguisher - Although you probably will never use it purchase an extinguisher that is rated “ABC” for fires of any type. Always keep it near your kiln, it is one of the most important art glass supplies you can have.

Eye Safety

Be careful when you open your kiln as gusts of hot air or popping air bubbles in the glass may harm your eyes. Safety glasses should be worn.

Wear dark kiln glasses when looking into a hot kiln as hot glass emits infrared and ultra violet rays, prolonged exposure can cause cataracts or blurred vision in the years ahead.

When glass temperature reaches around 1000 F/600 C and above the glass will take on a red glow. As the temperature increases the glow intensity becomes greater, emitting rays, which can harm your eyes unless protected.

Kiln safety glasses can be purchased at most fusing glass suppliers.


Woolen or cotton clothing should be worn; polyester and acrylic clothing are highly flammable and are not suitable for hot work.

Sensible footwear is a must as a drop of hot glass on your foot is not a pleasant experience.

Keep a small first air kit handy with some adhesive bandages, burn ointment and painkillers.

It doesn’t matter if you are making fused glass jewelry, molded glass items, ceramics or fusing precious metal clay, always work safely, protecting yourself and others from injury.

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