Using Liquid Stringer
For Original Designs

How liquid stringer medium is used to create fused glass drawings and paintings with powdered glass or frit.

It is a special gel that is mixed with powdered frit or enamels enabling the mixture to be applied with a squeeze bottle or cake applicator.

When mixed to the right consistency it can be applied directly to fusing glass to draw faces, lines, and designs or as free form drawing.

The end design is fired as per normal to create a unique fully fused glass item; the medium will burn out cleanly during firing.

Squeeze bottles are available so that you may use and keep different colors.

For further information see the glass painting page.


A variation of this approach is to use Bullseye Glastac in even proportions with the frit or enamel.

Fired as per normal in your glass kiln the end result is reportedly very good.

Aloe Vera

A very popular cheaply priced alternative is aloe vera gel purchased from a discount pharmacy.

Mix 50/50 with glass powder, add a little distilled water if necessary. Not too much water as it will become too runny.

Extra gel may give a better flow.

Mix in small plastic bag, cut corner from bag and squeeze into your applicator bottle, use selected tip and apply.

Do not touch lines before firing as they are easily moved.

Let dry and then kiln fire. A full fuse will give a smooth flat line, tack fuse results in a raised line.


Some jewelry artists use sifters and a stencil to apply powder to the glass.

Sifted powder will usually stack together, the stencil is carefully removed and the item placed in the glass kiln for fusing.

Line sifters come in different sizes and mesh shapes and can be used to produce fine lines, drawings, and patterns.

Used quite often for enameling work, sifters can be purchased from glass enamel supply stores and art glass supply stores.

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