Fused Glass Art Photos Of
Kiln Formed Glass

In the fused glass art gallery are examples of different styles of kiln formed glass art plates, coasters and glass pot melts.

In this gallery are some examples of various items that have been fired and fused in different glass fusing kilns.

A number of these items have been placed in glass fusing molds in a glass kiln and then fired again until the glass slumps down into the mold to produce the final design.

Other items have been cut to shape and then fired in a glass kiln to attain the final shape.

There are also some pot melt and aperture pour photos that give an indication of the results that can be achieved with this process.

The results seen in these photos are just a small sample of the techniques available for kiln formed glass art. Visit The Glassworks page on this site for tutorials on these fused glass designs.

Mosaic glass coaster Glass Stringer Plate Glass Stringer Plate
Textured glass plate Glass Weave Plate Glass Bubble Coaster
Aperture pour glass slab Glass circle pot melt Aperture pour slices
Fused Art Glass Dish Millefiori Glass Plate Glass Powder Plate
Fused Glass Candle Bridge Fused Glass Abstract Plate Glass Fused Abstract Plate
Fused Glass Powder Painted Plate Fused Glass Bowl Cold Combed Fusing Glass

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