Glass Ring Saws

Glass Ring Saws will cut intricate fused glass and stained glass shapes and designs.A ring saw can cut slightly tighter curves than a band saw.

Glass ring saws are very popular saws with glass art jewelry makers, fused glass artists and stained glass artisans due to the ability of the saw to cut complex shapes.

These saws have a large rigid round diamond coated ring that allows glass to be cut in any direction. Ring saws can be used for fused glass, stained glass and other types of art glass.

Certain ring saw will cut glass, tile, ceramic and stone. Like band saws ring saws are water cooled with an attached water reservoir. A feature of some saws is the ability to detach the motor and cutting head for use anywhere.

Ring saws from some makers can be ordered as a standard 110 volt model or international voltage of 220 volts.


The standard ring saw blade is thicker than a band saw blade thereby removing more glass when cutting.

There are thinner blades for some saws for more intricate work. Special blades for cutting dichoric glass are also available. Thicker glass can be cut with mega blades especially designed for heavy duty, although reviews suggest this can be a very slow process.

Separating blades that are designed to come apart for threading through a hole in a piece of glass and then re- joined for cutting can now be fitted.

Some ring saw blades grind as they cut giving you a finished surface.

Replacement blades can be very costly making some ring saws expensive to operate.


Remember to wear safety glasses when using any type of glass saw.

Care needs to be taken when deciding on a saw, as apart from the original outlay, the cost of replacement parts and blades should be considered. Replacement parts can be quite expensive and need to be examined prior to any purchase.

You can find the prices for these items online; you will then be able to compare different brands and types of saws.

It is a good idea to search online glass forums for information on different saws to gather information from various users about their saws.

If a saw is required for straight cuts in thick fusing glass such as pattern bars, then a tile saw fitted with a glass blade may be more suited to the task.

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