Reaching Pliers Should Be Used To
Reach Into A Hot Glass Fusing Kiln

Reaching pliers come in very handy when it is necessary to reach into a hot glass kiln. You may have a need to adjust or remove a hot item from your glass fusing kiln then reaching piers or tongs are the ideal tools.

Long pliers are available from hardware shops, if you need particularly long or heavy duty tongs then foundry tool suppliers are the best places to look for these types of tools.

Foundry suppliers also have specially designed tongs to suit kiln pots and crucibles used for glass pouring.

The pliers in the photo are from a hardware shop, the long nose pliers are 11" and the short ones are 7" long.

pliers for reaching into hot glass fusing kiln

There are long tweezers style tools available that can come in handy. If you wish to make twisted canes in the warm glass kiln then locking hemostat clamps may be purchased in various lengths. Hemostats work very well for securely holding the fusing glass whilst it is being pulled and twisted.

Of interest are some of the tools glass bead makers use, there are a variety of pliers used that could come in handy.

NEVER introduce a metal tool into a fusing kiln that has not been switched off, otherwise you may receive a very serious electric shock should the tool come into contact with a heating element.

Switch off and unplug the kiln before attempting to work inside.

Extreme care is required as it is still possible to receive a residual shock if you come into contact with the elements when the kiln is off.

Always wear your safety glasses and heat gloves when working inside the kiln.

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