Rapid Resizer Software
For Glass Working

Rapid Resizer Online software is a program designed to resize and print drawings, photographs and patterns for stained glass artisans, glass fusing artists and other craftspeople.

Patterns can be taken from a file or scanner and printed to the selected size. Photographs may also be used. Fabric artists can use the software for doll making, quilting, applique, rug hooking and other applications.

It is suitable for the following crafts:

• Glass fusing

• Stained glass

• Fabric art

• Wood work

• Stencils

• Painting

• Metal art

• Jewelry

Wood workers can use the program for scroll saw work as well as for enlarging or reducing general wood working patterns. The program can also enlarge images for signs, banners and posters

Enlarging or reducing images is very simply done by entering the required dimensions. The program will print out an image based on these dimensions.

Prior to printing all image pages can be previewed.

Larger images will be tiled across separate pages.

Large images can have line thicknesses reduced in order to save ink.

Images can be printed in black and white or color.

Before printing, designs can be colored with solid colors or with wood patterns or real art glass images. The pattern pieces can also be numbered.

Additional colors and fusing glass textures may be added to the program palette.

Some of the above features are only available with the professional version.

The ability to use original glass colors and patterns enables the stained glass and glass fusing artist to accurately plan projects.

The program has a special tool to assist in finding the many free patterns on the web. Images can be automatically imported into the program from a scanner.

A demonstration of the software program can be found on YouTube.

This video shows the main software functions of the Rapid Resizer software.

Rapid Resizer Online is available from Patrick Roberts Software and can be tried online or downloaded for a free trial.

A number of free patterns as well as patterns for sale can be found on the Rapid Resizer site.

This program is online only, Windows, Mac and IPad versions can be downloaded for use when required.

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