Using A Glass Jewelry
Bit To Grind Glass

A glass jewelry bit is designed fit a table top glass grinder and is used to grind a groove in a piece of fused glass. 

Used mainly for fused glass jewelry it enables the glass to be wire wrapped easily. Once the glass is ground wire will sit neatly within the groove.

These bits are interchangeable with other  grinding bits used on table top grinders.

As per the above photo, the glass jewelry bit is composed of a central post with a thin diamond coated disc attached to the bottom of the post.

The bit is fitted to the grinder and is adjusted to the height of the piece to be ground.

Subject to the thickness and shape of the fusing glass the groove should be ground near the center of the glass.

Once the grinder is started the glass is rotated around the grinding disc. The piece should be kept in motion whilst grinding to ensure that the groove is cut evenly around the the glass.

It is very easy to cut deeply into the corners if the glass is not kept moving. Deep cuts on the corners can weaken the glass and it will be easily broken.

The photo below shows a nicely ground dichoric glass piece.

These grinding bits are easy to use and will produce very smooth grooves for wire wrapping and will help you make excellent fused art glass jewelry.

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