Renewing Kiln Wash
Is A Simple Process


Renewing kiln wash can be dependent on a number of factors. Some people think it should be renewed after each glass fusing, others feel than as long as there are enough coats you should be able to get a number of fused glass firings before renewal.

If the wash is flaking or showing other signs of wear and tear it should be replaced, or else glass may begin to stick to the shelf. Brushing new kiln wash over an uneven finish will not give you the smooth finish you need for your warm glass fusing.

To obtain a good smooth coat the old wash will need to be removed with a paint scraper or similar tool, you can also use a wire brush or an electric sander. Always work in a well-ventilated area, as the old wash particles may be hazardous if inhaled. Use of a respirator is recommended.

After you have removed the old kiln wash, clean the shelf with a brush or vacuum cleaner. You can now apply fresh coats of wash.

Apply the wash as you did originally using either a haike brush or a very soft paintbrush. Dip the brush into your wash mixture until the brush is fully saturated and then apply a thin coat to the shelf. Apply in one direction only; do not drag the brush back and forth.

You will need to apply at least four coats; these coats should be applied left to right top to bottom then diagonally. Once dry, check to see that the surface is smooth. The shelf can be smoothed slightly by using a soft lint free cloth.

You can speed up the drying process by firing the shelf in the kiln to about 500 F (260 C), leave the door or lid slightly open to allow any moisture to escape, let the glass fusing kiln cool naturally.

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