Glass Fusers Studio
In A box

A complete glass fusers studio in a box can be purchased to enable you to quickly establish an art glass fusing studio.

Delphi Glass offers a System 96 Fusers Studio Deluxe Kit, this kit is for beginners and professionals alike.

The System 96 glass studio has all you need, apart from a glass cutter and breaking pliers, to begin making you own quality fused glass, metal clay or ceramic objects.

The fusing kiln is 15 inches wide by 6 inches deep and features pre-set programs with fully customizable firing schedules for ceramics, fused glass and metal clay.

With the following pre-set programs much of the guesswork is taken out of your glass kiln firing schedule decisions:

• 8 Glass Firing Programs for 90 and 96 COE glass

• 3 batch Annealing Programs

• 5 Metal Clay Programs

• 32 Ceramic Cones and 3 Speeds

You can use our own kiln fusing schedules or program other schedules if you like.

A kiln controller DVD is supplied with the kit, this DVD will take you through all the set up, safety, and glass kiln firing steps.

Included also is a fusing DVD which takes you through glass fusing projects.

Elements can be easily switched from glass to ceramic firing.

This kit features the following items:

Delphi EZ-Pro™ Deluxe 15-6 Kiln

Eight 6 "x 12 " pieces of System 96 opaque fusing glass

3 oz. System 96 Mardi Gras glass stringers (about 60)

4 oz pack COE 96 CBS dichroic glass

Thirteen inch round shelf

Kiln Stand

Kiln posts

Kiln wash

Haik brush

Ceramic plate mold

Hot work gloves

Kiln dark safety glasses

Get Fired Up fusing DVD

Kiln controller DVD

With the included glass items, you can create a wide range of fused art glass projects including handmade art glass jewelry pieces.

This glass studio is available from DELPHI in the United States.

Check electrical voltage requirements before purchasing any glass kiln.

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