Using Glass Bubble Paints

Glass bubble paints allows the glass fusing artist to create a range of glass bubble fused glass items.

Available in range of eleven colors and mixing medium, glass bubble paints may be applied wet or dry to suitable art glass pieces before fusing in a glass kiln.

This paint is suitable for general glass fusing or fused art glass jewelry.

The paints can be mixed to make additional colors.

Each color is a fine powder which is suitable for either COE 90 or COE 96 fusing glass.

It is sold in one ounce (28.35 grams) packets.

Using As A Paint

To use as a paint, the powder is mixed with a special bubble paint medium to the thickness of cream.

It can then be applied with a paint brush.

Using this method, original designs can be created on the glass, with a clear cap being added to obtain the best result.

Separate colors can be used and mixed on the glass if desired.

Mix only as much as needed as left over dry paint mix can not be used.

A tutorial for a glass bubble paint pendant can be found on this site at Glass Bubble Paint Pendant.

Sifting With Medium

Another method is to paint a piece of glass with bubble paint medium and then sift paint powder onto the glass.

The more medium, the more it will produce a translucent water color finish after being fired in a fusing glass kiln.

By sifting a range of different colors onto the glass a nice multi-colored bubble finish can be obtained.

Dry Sifting

Paint can be dry sifted onto a piece of glass with a clear cap added to cover the powder prior to glass fusing.

Different colorc can be laid on top of each other to create an original shaded finish.

Cap with clear fusing glass prior to fusing in a glass fusing kiln.

With a heavy coating of powder the larger the glass bubbles may be. If the bubbles are too large then the top glass can be thin and weak.

For the best results the glass should be fused at a fast full fuse at about 1450° F.

Slower fusing rates may result in a large number of unwanted bubbles.

Once fused the glass should be left to cool to room temperature before removing from the glass kiln.

The paints can be found at or Delphi Glass.

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