Make A Glass Bubble
Paint Pendant

How to use glass bubble paint to make a pendant in a glass fusing kiln.

Bubble paint comes in a range of colors and can be mixed to make custom colors. Combined with a medium the paint is applied to a glass surface, capped and then fired in a glass kiln.

The bubble paint can be used with System 96 or Bullseye glass.

An explanation of the powder and its application can be found on this site at Bubble Paints.


  • Two pieces of clear fusing glass
  • Cutter
  • Bubble paint powder
  • Medium
  • Brush
  • Shelf
  • Kiln

Painting & Fusing:

1. Cut two pieces of fusing glass 1 1/2" x 1 1/8".

2. Pour some powder onto a mixing surface.

Squeeze medium onto the powder and mix.

Add more medium, if necessary, until the mixture is the thickness of cream.

Mix only enough to do the job as dry colors cannot be re-used.

3. Using a brush, add mix to one piece of clear glass.

You can paint a design or dab the mix on to create spaces across the surface as per the photo above.

4. Place clear cap gently onto wet surface .

Put item on prepared shelf and insert in kiln.

5. Bring temperature up to a fast full fuse around 1450° F.

Do not use a slow fusing rate as this result in a many unwanted bubbles.

Subject to bubble formation, temperature may need to be increased to achieve a satisfactory result.

Check for bubbles and when satisfied switch off kiln.

Many small bubbles may form that are not easy to see in the glow from the kiln.

The side photo shows an item that has a white base and clear cap.

Unlike the clear jewelry pendant this one has many fine bubbles that are difficult to see in the photo.

This product can create great abstract designs, particularly when a range of colors is used.

It can be used on many of the fused glass projects and ideas on this site.

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