Make Cord Holes In Glass Jewelry During The Fusing Process

Chain or cord holes can be formed in art glass jewelry during the glass fusing process by using fiber paper. This is very useful for fused glass pendant makers as these holes can be easily made.

This is a very simple process requiring a single strip of fiber paper or twisted fiber cord. Twisted fiber cord is unwound to the desired thickness for this process.

For the sake of clarity clear glass has been used for this example.

The set up is very quick and simple as can be seen in the following steps.

Step 1

Cut a thin piece of fiber paper and place it on the bottom layer of glass, running across the glass. This works best if it is not used from top to bottom.

Step 2

Place the top layer on the fiber paper and place in a fusing kiln, use your normal glass jewelry schedule.

Step 3

Once the piece has fused push the fiber paper out of the hole with a thin piece of wire and you will then have a fused glass piece with a nice neat hole.

Using a mandrel

You can also use a bead making mandrel or stainless steel rod. Coatwith bead release or kiln wash.

Follow the same steps as per the fiber paper by placing the mandrel between the glass layers and fusing.

Remove the mandrel once the glass has cooled.

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