How The Powder Vibe Can
Be Used In Glass Fusing

Powder Vibe Changes

This unit dispenses glass frit, enamel or glass powder to create designs for glass bead making or glass fusing.

Due to the unavailability of the control unit the model pictured below is no longer available from Bear Foot Art Tools.

A newly designed unit has been produced that uses a completely new control unit.

The original tool made by Bear Foot Art Tools was designed to lay down lines of glass frit and glass powder.

The vibrating control unit magnetically attaches to the frit canister and frit is dispensed by vibration, one AAA battery powers the unit.

Powder Vibe

The canisters have different size holes to cater for various frit and powder sizes.

Originally designed for glass bead makers it has been used in glass fusing as well.

However, control is not as precise when used for glass fusing with the original canisters, but it will put frit or powder basically where you want it.

powder vibe and canisters

It works differently when making beads as opposed to glass fusing, bead makers lay down a line of frit on a marver or bench and pick it up with the hot glass bead.

The frit can be applied directly on a rotating bead as well.

The process differs for warm glass fusing where lines or designs are laid down on fusing glass which is then fused in a glass fusing kiln.

Applications has been limited by the greater variety of frits, powders and enamels used in glass fusing.

However this has now been rectified with the release of new canisters, which have a full width slot rather than one single hole as per the original unit.

There is an interesting video below that demonstrates the operation of the new tips.

These new tips certainly seem to be an advance on the earlier design.

It would appear that you will have more flexibility and control when working with materials on your fused glass art work.

New Powder Vibe 2.0

The original tool has gone through a radical design and is now a more streamlined unit.

The new model is a pencil style AAA battery powered unit.

Canisters are still magnetically attached to the unit and enamel, frit or powder is dispensed by vibration.

A pressure switch is fitted along the barrel of the control unit for ease of use.

The following video from Bear Foot Art Tools gives an excellent explanation of the changes and operation of the new model.

Bear Foot Art Tools specializes in tools for glass bead makers and has introduced some very popular and original original equipment.

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