Dichroic Coated Copper Foil
For Glass Fusing

Dichroic copper foil is a product from CBS (Coatings By Sandberg) for use in glass fusing, flame working and furnace cane working.

This product has a layer of dichroic applied to a copper foil base. The layer is three times thicker than a normal dichroic layer.

Supplied in a 6 x 12 inch sheet in an anti static bag the coated product is cheaper to buy than a normal sheet and is very simple to use.

The dichroic will break into small pieces when removed from the backing sheet.

Suitable for all COE's and available in a range of rainbow colors it is easy to remove from the backing.

During transport some of the coating may already have separated from the sheet.

The following photo shows pieces removed from the sheet by rolling the sheet over the edge of a desk causing flakes to loosen and fall way from the foil.

Once the flakes are separated, the bag can be cut open and the copper foil removed. Always store the dichroic in the anti - static bag.

There are a number ways to use this material , it can be crushed or flaked between your fingers, pushed through a mesh screen to produce fine particles or scattered on a kiln shelf and glass fused on top of the flakes.

One of the simple methods is to scatter the pieces across glass as follows:

•Place glass on prepared kiln shelf

•Scatter dichroic across base glass

•Cap with clear

•Fire in kiln

•Use normal fusing schedules

Different processes are involved when flame working or making furnace canes and marbles.

When used in fusing it is suitable for coasters, plates, dishes, ornaments as well as for fused glass jewelry making.

It can be used for the following items:





•Fused bracelets

•Torch fired bracelets

Further information on fusing this material can be found in this CBS YouTube video.

Many different outcomes can be expected with various styles, Sandberg recommend glass with deep depressions for very original fused items.

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