Use Fusing Glass Shapes In

Glass Jewelry Designs

 Pre-cut fusing glass shapes are now available in a range of styles, shapes and colors for many glass fusing projects.

Available from different makers, circles, ovals, square, and other styles, pre-cut fusing shapes provide a great deal of flexibility for the home jewelry maker.

Shapes come in opaque, transparent or dichroic glasses.

Etched dichroic glass designs can be ordered or special styles made by a number of suppliers.

They can be used for fused glass pendant making, bracelets, belt buckles, key rings, wine stoppers, earrings and for setting in different jewelry findings.

Combined with different frit blends, glass confetti, millefiori or dichroic scrap many unusual and original handmade jewelry items can be designed.

Using decals with pre-cut shapes enables the jewelry maker to produce new and exciting jewelry pieces.

The range of precut shapes provides the jewelry maker with time saving and flexible design options.

Color coordinated fusing glass packs can be ordered for glass jewelry making projects. These are usually sold in small sheets.

The range of dichroic glass colors, textures and shapes continues to expand and opens a wide area of glass kiln fusing options.

Etched dichroic designs are now available from a number of suppliers.

It is possible to have your own designs produced by some of these makers.

Combining different pre-cut shapes allows many fused glass jewelry items to be made with little or no glass cutting. Many of these come in mixed packs for greater flexibility.

Pre-cut circles and shape packs are also available for general glass fusing projects such as plates, platters and ornaments.

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