Glass Jewel Pendant
With Fused Gems

A glass jewel pendant made from fused jewels contour fused to a colored base.

The little gems can be made from any suitable colors following the steps in the above fused jewels link.

Spectrum 96 has been used for this pendant, other colors or Bullseye can be used if desired.

To produce the the raised design the pendant has been contoud fused so as to mostly retain the original shape.


  • Fused jewels.
  • 2 x pieces for the base
  • Thin fire paper or primed shelf.
  • Cutter.
  • Kiln


To make the pendant proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut two pieces of glass 1 3/4" X 1".

Step 2. Wash all pieces, dry thoroughly.

Step 3. Place base on prepared shelf, stack pieces and gems until you are happy with your pattern, place shelf in glass fusing kiln.

The photo is a sample of what you can do.

Step 4. Bring temperature up gradually to about 1400-1450 F (760-788 C). If using thin fire paper keep kiln vented until the binders burn off and then close vent.

Hold at around 1450 F (788 C) temperature for 10 minutes.

Step 5. Check to see if pieces are nicely contoured, if not, hold longer until you are happy with shape.

Do not over fire or item may fully fuse.

Step 6.When fused, switch off, vent kiln and allow temperature to drop to about 1000 F (540 C).

Close vent or door and cool to room temperature.

Step 7. When fully cooled remove item from kiln.

Item should be fully contoured with the jewels nicely defined.

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