Create Fused Glass

Fused glass jewels are small colored fired pieces easily made in a glass fusing kiln. Different colored jewels provide a nice design feature for fused objects.

They are suitable not only for jewelry but can be used in many glass project designs.

These items can be made from ordinary fusing glass, coarse frit or from dichroic scrap. The easiest method is to use coarse frit, this will require minimal preparation.


Coarse frit.

Primed shelf or thinfire paper (do not use fiber paper).

Fusing kiln.

Proceed as follows:

1. Scatter frit across thinfire covered or primed shelf.

2. Using a paint brush or other small object spread the frit apart, make sure the pieces of frit are not touching.

3. Place in kiln and bring temperature up to 1500 F (816 C).

Hold for about ten minutes or until the frit becomes rounded.

You can bring fusing temperature up quickly as the frit pieces are very small.

4. Once the pieces are rounded switch off kiln and allow to cool to room temperature.

5. You should now have a range of different size jewels that you can use for a variety of glass fusing projects.

The jewels may be tack, contoured or fully fused in jewelry items or other glass fusing projects.

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