Bubble Paint Glass

A bubble paint glass fusing pendant pattern made from bubble powders and fusing medium.

These art jewelry pendants can be made with one color or a mix of colors.

A clear cap of is applied and the pendant is then fused in a fusing kiln.

System 96 gas been used for this project, however Bullseye can also be used as the powder will work with either COE 90 or COE 96.

For an explanation of bubble paint and its application please go to the Glass Bubble Paint page on this site.


One pieces of clear fusing glass

One piece of white


Paint powders (dark blue, light blue, yellow, pink)

Small sifter


Small brush

Prepared kiln shelf

Fusing kiln

Assembly & Fusing:

Step 1. Cut one pieces of fusing glass 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" and one piece of white the same size.

Step 2. Brush a layer of medium onto the white piece, the thicker the layer the more translucent the finish will be.

Sift a layer of dark blue over more than a quarter of the white glass, sift yellow powder over some of the uncovered white.

Sift light blue over remaining area, coming down over the yellow with a light dusting of powder.

Finish off with a dusting of pink over the light blue and some of the yellow.

Step 3. Place clear cap gently onto wet powders. Put pendant on prepared kiln shelf and insert in fusing kiln.

Step 4. Bring kiln up to a fast full fuse around 1450° F.

Always use a fast rate, a slower rate may result in many unwanted bubbles.

It may be necessary to adjust the temperature to achieve a nice spread of bubbles.

When bubbles have formed and fusing is complete, switch off the kiln.

Many small bubbles may form that are not easy to see in the glow from the kiln.

Great abstract designs can be created with this technique, particularly when using a range of colors.

This painting technique can be used on many of the project ideas on this site.


If you don't have a fine sifter a small fine food sifter or fine mesh tea infuser will work very well.

The globe shape tea infusers with small handles are great for this and for other sifting projects.

(Thanks to Bob Leatherbarrow for this suggestion. Visit Bob at http://www.leatherbarrow.ca/).

These items are generally available in cooking or hardware stores, do not use for food purposes after using for sifting powders, etc.

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