Fusing A Broken
Glass Pendant

Making a broken glass pendant from fusing glass with a central cabochon.

The pendant is made in two stages.

Firstly a piece of glass is broken and then fused with fine frit filling the spaces between the pieces.

The pendant is then contour fused with a glass jewel or dichroic cabochon in the center of the design.

Either COE 90 or COE 96 may be used for this project.

COE 90 has been used for this tutorial.


One piece of clear 1 1/4 inch square fusing glass for the base.

One piece of colored opaque or transparent 1-inch square

One dichroic cabochon or one nugget

Fine frit.


Ball pien hammer.

Fusing Kiln.

Shelf primer or thin fire paper.


Stage One:

1. Cut material to size, wash and dry completely.

2. Place the one inch square piece between about 4 sheets of newspaper.

Lay on hard surface and tap with the ball end of your hammer.

You want it to break into individual pieces rather than shatter into small pieces.

Open the paper and leave the glass on the paper, it should not have moved much if you tapped it gently.

3. Using fusing glue or white glue you are now going to stick each broken piece to the clear base.

Each broken shape is taken to the edge of the base so that there is a gap between each piece with a large gap in the center.

4. Once the glue has dried, pour fine glass frit into the center and in between each piece as per the photo.

Brush excess frit off and place item on prepared kiln shelf and load into fusing kiln.

5. Bring temperature up slowly to 1000 F ( 477 C ) and hold to burn of binders if using thin fire shelf paper.

Bring up to about 1450 F ( 790 C ), hold for about 20 minutes.

If fully fused turn off fusing kiln and allow to cool to room temperature.

You are now ready for the second stage of this tutorial.

Stage Two:

1. Place cabochon or nugget in center of pendant.

2. Put pendant on prepared kiln shelf and load into glass fusing kiln.

3. Bring temperature up slowly to about 1380 F (750 C).

Hold for about 15 minutes, check to ensure that that the piece is nicely contoured.

Switch off kiln and allow to cool to room temperature and then remove.

Glue pendant bail to rear of fused glass jewelry piece.

The colors and size of the pendant can be varied to suit your design ideas.

This technique can be used to produce other fused items such as plates and ornaments.

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