Fused Glass Transparent
Amber Glass Pendant

 A transparent amber glass pendant with fused black frit highlights.

This is an easy item to make; it is contour fused using three layers of Spectrum 96 light amber transparent color on a base of Uroboros fine black frit.

It can be either finished with a pendant bail or drilled to accept a jump ring.

When fused this piece has a lovely light amber color with flecks of black showing through.

Other transparent fusing colors can be combined with a different frit color or mix of colors to produce an original jewelry item.


Fusing Supplies:

Three pieces of Spectrum 96 light amber 3/4 inch wide x 11/2 inches long.

Uroboros fine black frit.


Prepared kiln shelf.

Fusing kiln.

Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut fusing glass to size.

Step 2. Place a small amount of black frit onto kiln shelf or on thinfire paper and spread out as per following photo.

Do not use too much frit or the base will become very black.

Step 3. Place the three cut pieces of on top of the frit and put shelf into glass fusing kiln.

Step 4. As these are small pieces the temperature can be brought up to contour fusing reasonably quickly.

Set fusing kiln temperature at 1400°-1450°F (760°-788°C) and hold for fifteen minutes.

Check during this time to ensure that the item is not overheating and spreading out.

It should retain most of the original shape with nicely rounded corners and the black base should have spread out as per the following photo.

Once properly fused, switch kiln off and cool to room temperature.

Either drill fused item for a jump ring or glue a jewelry bail to the rear of the pendant.

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