Zanfirico Glass Canes Make
Original Drop Earrings

Hand made zanfirico glass canes are used to make unique earrings in a glass fusing kiln.

Zanfirico style cane is normally made by glass bead makers who specialize in hot torch work and use these glass canes when making flame worked beads.

These canes have a twisted colored core encased in clear glass.
The canes used for this project are 96 COE and adapt to normal  glass fusing without any difficulties and makes colorful earrings.

COE 90 and COE 104 canes are also available in a great range of colors. A search of the Internet will find a number of bead makers who supply this type of cane as well as some very nice glass frit.

As these are hand made the diameter can be between 5 and 10mm, the canes come in various colors and lengths

This is a very easy earring project to make; it is not necessary to fuse the canes to another piece of glass.

Earring length can be varied to suit personal styles, they can be short, medium or long.

To make these earrings you will need the following:

  • 2 x 1 1/4 inch lengths of cane.
  • 2 earring bails.
  • Pair earring wires
  • Two part epoxy glue.
  • 1 pair of mosaic nippers.
  • Thin fire shelf paper or kiln washed shelf.

The following steps are all that are required to make these earrings.

Step 1 Cut cane to length with mosaic nippers.

Step 2 Wash and dry glass completely.

Step 3 Place glass on kiln shelf and bring glass fusing kiln up to full fuse.

Do not over heat as the glass will spread and lose its shape.

Step 4 Check glass, ends should be nicely rounded. Turn off kiln and let it cool to room temperature.

Step 5 Bottom of glass should be flat, roughen area on bottom of glass with sandpaper for the bail to be attached.

Step 6 Attach bail with 2 part epoxy glue. When dry attach ear wires and you will then have a unique piece of art glass jewelry.

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