Striped Glass Pendant
Flipped And Fired

How to make a striped glass pendant using separate fusing glass strips, fused and ground to final shape, fused again with top and bottom surfaces reversed

When fusing strips, the upper surface may become distorted and the shelf side remain straight and even but without the gloss of the upper surface.

This can be seen in the series of photos further below.

This should be planned for by ensuring that the shelf is nice and even. If primed, smooth surface by gently rubbing with a pair of old panty hose or very soft cotton cloth.

Thinfire paper can be applied after this if desired.

Thinfire paper may also be used on a bare shelf.

The reason for trying to get a very smooth surface is to prevent the bottom side picking up unwanted marks from the shelf.

During the first fusing, the sides of the pendant are held in place be two kiln washed kiln posts or ceramic strips.

As part of the process the fused glass jewelry pendant will be ground to its final shape, then flipped and fire polished with the bottom surface uppermost.

This should result in a shiny and even surface.

The techniques used in dealing with the striped pendant may be used when making larger fused glass items such as plates, etc.

Bullseye products have been used for this project; it can be made with Spectrum 96.

The following items will be required for the pendant:

  • Ten Bullseye colored strips 1/4 inch wide x 1 3/4" inches long.
  • Cutter.
  • Kiln Wash and/or thin fire paper.
  • Two primed posts or primed ceramic strips.
  • Glass fusing kiln.
  • Table top grinder.
  • To make the striped pendant proceed as follows:

To make the striped pendant proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut strips to size.

Step 2. Lay strips out on prepared kiln shelf.

Place prepared kiln posts or ceramic strips down the sides of pendant to hold the strips in place.

Step 3. Bring fusing temperature up reasonably quickly to around 1500° F (815° C).

Hold for ten minutes, check to see if ends have become rounded. If necessary hold longer, switch off and cool the fused glass art pendant to room temperature.

Step 4. The top stripes will probably be distorted as per the following photo. The ends may need to be shaped and rounded on the table top grinder.

After grinding, glass should be cleaned with small stiff brush and detergent to remove all grinding dust.

Leave submerged in water until ready to use, dry thoroughly before fusing.

Following photo shows reverse side of pendant with straight lines and rounded ends, ready to be re-fired in fusing kiln.

Step 5. Place shaped pendant, bottom side up, on kiln shelf and put in glass fusing kiln.

Bring temperature up reasonably quickly to fire polishing temperature about 1350° F (732° C), hold for ten minutes and check to ensure shoulders of pendant have rounded.

Do not over heat or hold too long as the stripes will distort again.

If satisfied switch off kiln, cool fused item to room temperature

The pendant should now have reasonably straight lines , it is now ready to have a bail attached to the rear of the pendant.

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