To String Beads You Can Use
A Variety Of Materials

There in no magic in learning to string beads, it is pretty much straight forward. But it does need an understanding of some basic materials.

There are a number of bead stringing methods and materials you can use, some of these are more suited for the experienced user.

The easiest and very popular is the use of coated steel stringing cable which comes in various styles and colors.

Another beading wire is memory wire, which is a strong beading wire that retains its shape and is designed to make beaded jewelry items.

Memory wire is supplied in coils and cut to length, use only industrial strength wire cutters to cut memory wire. Do not use your normal beading side cutters, as they will be ruined. Beads threaded onto the wire are held in place by loops on each end of the wire.

Other stringing materials have been developed for different uses as outlined here:

Chain - various sizes for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Fine Wire – for knitting and crocheting beads into designs.

Beading Thread (natural and synthetic) – for bead and loom weaving.

Illusion Cord (monofilament line) – beads have the illusion of floating on air when strung with this cord. Use for necklaces.

Stretch or Elastic Jewelry Cord – good for stretch bracelets.

Silk Thread – this is the traditional thread for pearl stringing. Synthetic thread can also be used.

Leather Cord – for large hole beads, great for glass jewelry donut pendants.

Rubber Cord - same uses as leather cords.

Satin Ribbon – string beads or use as necklace with donut pendant.

Organza Ribbon – can be used the same way as satin ribbon.

Silk Ribbon – use as the above ribbons.

Leather, rubber and fabric ribbons can be purchased in different colors with end caps and clasps already attached.

Wire Mesh Tubular Ribbon – very versatile, can be used as pendant ribbon, have beads inside, beads dangling from ribbon, string beads, can be twisted, knotted and pulled into just about any shape.

The above materials enable the home jewelry maker to design and create items which can be easy to make or more difficult.

With the exception of the memory wire very few tools are needed to work with most of the listed items.

Chain nose pliers, scissors, bead needles, side cutters, crochet hook, knitting needles and an awl are the basic tools required

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