Fused Spectrum Glass Dish

A fused Spectrum glass dish made from System 96 fusing glass.

The dish is made from black, clear and opal art glass fused and slumped in a glass fusing kiln.

A clear glass circle forms the base with black glass "bookends" and opal art glass in between.

This dish has been modified from an original Spectrum glass design.

Dimensions and colors can be altered to suit fusing mold and design choices.


One piece of System 96 black glass

One piece of clear System 96 clear glass

One piece of Opal Art glass


Glass circle cutter

Slumping mold six inch

Kiln wash or thinfire paper

Glass fusing kiln

Cutting & Assembly:

Step 1. Cut one six inch circle from clear fusing glass.

Step 2. To make the black "bookends", lay the clear glass circle on the black glass. Trace around a section of the circle with a sharpee pen.

Draw a straight line to connect the two ends of the curve. The distance from the straight line at the center to the outside of the curve is about 1.75 inches.

The ends can be cut with a circle cutter rather than by hand.

Step 3. Select a sheet of patterned fusing glass and cut strips about 5/8" wide by 6.5 inches long.Keep the strips in order to retain the pattern.

Step 4. Lay strips on work surface with the ends in place, ensure that there is an 1/8" gap between the strips as well as the ends.

Place clear circle over strips and trace the circle onto them. Trim the strips so that they conform to the shape of the circle.

Step 5. Wash and dry glass and assemble dish on prepared kiln shelf, place shelf in a glass kiln.


Step 6. Use this schedule to fuse glass.

If fusing larger circles then it may need to be adjusted.

1. 330°F up to 1000°F hold 20 minutes

2. 1300°F up to 1480°F hold 15 minutes

3. 630°F down to 94°F.

Step 7. When glass has cooled to room temperature remove from glass kiln.

The Spectrum glass dish should be fully fused and ready for slumping as per the photo.

Step 8. Apply four or five coats of kiln wash to glass slumping mold.

Make sure that any air holes in mold are not blocked with kiln wash.

Must be completely dry before use.


Use the following glass slumping schedule, an annealing segment has been added for this stage of the process. Subject to glass size the hold times and temperature may need to be altered.

1. 300°F up to 1100°F hold 20 minutes

2. 100°F up to 1150F hold 30 minutes

3. 9999 down to 960°F hold 60 minutes

4 150°F down to 750°F

5 Switch off, cool to room temperature

When glass has cooled to room temperature remove from kiln.

The Spectrum glass disg should be nicely formed with clear glass showing between the glass strips.

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