Resin Safety Measures Are Essential
For Your Personal Safety

Recommended Resin Safety Measures.

Resin is safe and easy to use for resin jewelry making providing you follow normal resin safety guidelines.

Always keep important safety equipment close at hand.

Whatever resin material you use always read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), these sheets should accompany the product you are using.

If not with your product request one from the maker or it may be available on their web site.

Always work in a well ventilated area when using resin materials. Open windows and doors will aid air circulation and will prevent a build up of fumes.

Do not work in food preparation areas or main living areas to minimize fumes.

Keep resins away from open flames or electrical equipment, as they are flammable.

Follow the makers’ proper disposal methods or directions from local authorities.

Moldmaking materials, resins, and shavings must not be poured down the drain, as they will harm the environment.

Safety Equipment

A respirator approved by NIOSH with fume filters is a necessity and should be worn when working with resins, hardener, and moldmaking material.

You may not smell fumes but they are present and can be quite harmful.

Respirators are available from paint or hardware stores.

Disposable gloves made from synthetic elastic materials such as nitrite or butyl are the best types to use. These materials will prevent resin from penetrating the glove.

Barrier creams can also be worn under the gloves as an added precaution. This is not a substitute for gloves.

Prolonged or repeated skin contact with resin may cause irritation or sensitivity.

If resin comes into contact with your skin wash off immediately with a cleansing cream do no use solvent-based products to remove resin. Follow the guidelines set out in the MSDS.

Safety goggles/glasses, should be worn. If resins or hardeners come in contact with your eyes seek immediate medical attention or follow the MSDS guidelines.

Always wear goggles/glasses when drilling or working with hardened resin.

A dust mask must be worn when adding powdered pigments or fillers to resin as the airborne dust and particulates created are harmful to your lungs.

Masks can be obtained from paint and hardware stores.

It is in your interests to follow these basic safety measures or any other measures as suggested by the maker or supplier.

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