Few Resin Materials Are Required
For Making Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry making requires very few resin materials. Some makers supply resin kits with all the basic items you need to get started.

Always work in an area clear of all obstacles to prevent accidents and/or spillages happening.

Try to have a working temperature of around 72 F as a cooler temperature may retard curing time.

Plastic cups that are marked with volume measurement units are needed to mix resin.

Usually you can purchase compatible cups from the resin maker or supplier.

Never use Styrofoam or polystyrene, as they will react when they come into contact with the resin and the cup may melt.

Wax coated cups are not suitable either as the wax may flake off.

Stir sticks made of wood or plastic are used to mix the resin. Craft sticks are fine for this.

Use a new stick for each batch.

Sticks can be used to apply the resin. Use small pointed toothpicks to apply small amounts of resin or to get into tight areas.

Disposable brushes or plastic squeeze bottle syringes with fine tip applicators available from resin suppliers can also be used to apply small amounts of resin to projects.

Heavy paper towels, old towels, or rags will clean up spills and clean bottles.

Easily remove resin from an overfilled mold by dipping corner of towel into the mold and soak up the extra resin.

Waxed paper makes a great work surface as resin will not stick to it nor soak through it.

It can be used as a mixing surface to blend colors into small amounts of resin.

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