Resin Jewelry Molds Can Be
Purchased Or Made

Resin jewelry molds come in various shapes and sizes.

Sold by hobby, craft and online stores these molds are designed for resin casting.

Many of these molds have multiple shapes as well as a number of different shapes per mold

Many molds are designed for use without release agents, which are substances that prevent the resin sticking to the mold. Release agents can be purchased for use with non-treated molds.

resin jewelry mold

If you use some form of container as a mold you will need to apply a release agent, prior to casting, so that your resin jewelry piece can be removed.

Flexible silicone or polyurethane rubber molds allow you to cast larger items such as bracelets with far more detail than is possible the ordinary flat tray jewelry style molds. Angles and textures are a feature of flexible molds.

Always ensure the resin is fully cured before trying to remove from the mold.

rubber resin jewelry molds

When making resin jewelry it is possible for you to make your own flexible mold with mold making supplies from your local craft, hobby, online stores and resin suppliers.

Usually in two parts polyurethane rubber and liquid silicone rubber are excellent choices for resin jewelry mold making.

Polyurethane has simple mixing ratios and is quite fluid and will produce highly detailed molds; it may need to be used with a release agent.

Another two-part system, silicone rubber can be more expensive but is a very popular material with jewelry makers who use it for a wide range of mold making.

With a more sensitive mix ratio it can be usually used without a release agent.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions closely when working with either of these materials.

Work in a properly ventilated area; wear all safety equipment for eye, skin, and respiratory protection.

There is a large amount of information online to assist you in setting up for mold making.

You can make your own mold boxes or use old food containers to make simple but effective containers for pouring your molding compound into for your mold.

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