Use Resin Inclusions To
Lift Resin Jewelry

One of the great things about resin inclusions is that many types of materials can be added to uncured resin.

The ability to add so many inclusions allows you to produce great individual pieces of resin jewelry.

Jewelry findings can be inserted before the resin jewelry piece has completely cured.

Generally grease and moisture free items can be included during the curing stage.

Porous items may need to be coated with a sealant to protect them and prevent air bubbles occurring.

Other inclusions such as paper etc will need to be coated with white glue or “Mod Podge” sealant to prevent the resin affecting them.

Many items will need to be included after the resin has reached a jelly like stage; otherwise they will sink to the bottom if the resin is too liquid. Wait until the resin has cured then fill the rest of the mold.

It’s important to work out the order of your inclusions or color; quite often the first layer may become the top layer after you remove your resin fashion jewelry from the mold.

This same process can be used to produce color layers by allowing each color layer to begin to cure before adding the next color.

Provided the items you include are compatible with the resin then you have a wide range of items you can embed in your design.

Resin Objects


Crushed Glass

Glass Powder






Metal Leaf


Precious Metal Clay


Dried Flowers



Granite Powder

Metal Powder



Sea Shells

The above is just a sample of the items you can embed in your jewelry resin.

Embeding objects into your resin jewelry piece will turn an ordinary item into something special.

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