Polymer Clays Can Add Vibrant Colors
To Metal Clay Jewelry

Polymer clays combine with precious metal clay to produce color and texture to metal clay jewelry pieces. Added after the metal clay has been fired the clay can be baked without affecting the precious metal clay.

Given the large range of clay colors available very vivid and striking colors can be added to your pmc silver jewelry. Different textures can be added to the clay prior to baking.

You can use the same type of tools with clay as you do with precious metal clay. Always ensure they are completely clean before using again on metal clay as clay will contaminate unfired metal clay and leave stain marks once metal clay is fired.

Clay must be conditioned before use. You can knead it in your hands or use a favorite tool of clay artists, the pasta roller machine.

Nice even sheets of different thicknesses can be produced from the machine as well as many striking color variations by combining different polymer colors.

Rolling machines should be used for clay only and not used for food or metal clay.

Fired metal clay should be finished as much as possible before adding clay, as the baked clay will be softer than the metal clay.

Leave the metal clay surface rough where you intend to place the clay, as this will give the clay something to attach to.

A very small amount of Sobo glue or similar glue should be applied to hold the clay.

Once the piece is ready, bake in an oven or toaster oven at the recommended temperature for the clay. Do not over fire as clay can emit toxic fumes. For a stronger product let the jewelry piece cool in the oven.

Clay can be sanded with 400 to 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and then 800 to 1000 grit, buff with a muslin wheel on a flex shaft or a dremel or similar hand tool for a smooth and shiny finish.

You can rub vigorously with a cotton buffing cloth if you don't have a power tool.

Be careful not to mark the silver as you work on the clay.

Polymer clay is very useful for making models of your proposed metal clay jewelry pieces.

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