PMC Pro Clay Is A
New Form Of Clay

PMC Pro clay is the newest form of clay from Precious Metal Clay, it can be modeled in the same ways as original Pmc, Pmc plus and Pmc 3.

Having a longer working timePMC Pro is claimed to be stronger than the other forms of metal clay on the market.

It can be molded and worked in the same way as other metal clays.

Normal metal clay tools can be used when working with PMC Pro, always wipe the tools when switching between PMC Pro™ and other forms of pure silver metal clay.

This clay is not pure silver; it is 90% silver and 10% added metal.

It is in fact an alloy which raises the question of hallmarking; it is .900 silver, which is less than sterling silver and much less than pure silver.

It will produce nice precious metal clay jewelry, but it cannot be mixed with other silver metal clays.

They must be kept separate when working on your pmc jewelry or other designs.

Due to the nature of this clay it must be kiln fired in a container with activated carbon to prevent oxidizing, always wear appropriate safety equipment whilst working with activated carbon.

This clay cannot be torch fired.

Normal finishing methods such as sanding, filing, burnishing, polishing, tumble polishing can be used on this product.

It can be enameled using the same techniques as used on sterling silver.

Darkening and antique solutions work very well and produce a nice patina.

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