PMC Draped Earrings

Precious Metal Clay Earrings

Make PMC draped earrings from two pieces of triangular shaped precious metal clay fired in a fusing kiln.

These earrings are easily made by cutting two pieces of pmc to shape, texturing and draping over a measuring spoon.

draped pmc earrings


• 8g of PMC3

• 1 pair of sterling silver ear wires


• Small rolling pin

• Rolling slats or playing cards

• Teflon work surface

• Cool Slip or olive oil

• Textured mat

• Cutter

• Sanding pads or wet and dry sandpaper

• Stainless steel brush

• Stainless steel burnisher

• Fusing kiln or butane torch

• Heat resistant mat

• Tweezers or tongs

• Domed metal measuring spoon

Step 1

Lightly spray your hands with either cool slip or rub a few drops of vegetable oil on your hands then rub over your rolling mat and on your roller.

Roll approximately 4 grams of PMC into a ball with your hands then place on rolling mat between your two playing cards or slats and use your roller and roll into a circle.

Cut triangle from clay, roll another circle and cut another triangle.

Step 2

Spray cool slip or brush vegetable oil onto texture plate. Remember you only need a small amount to stop the clay from sticking, too much and the impression won’t be as crisp.

Place the clay triangle onto the texture plate and roll the roller gently but firmly over the clay. Lift the clay off the texture plate carefully.

Step 3

Place the textured triangle on a domed surface sprayed or brushed lightly with oil or cool slip. Use a domed metal measuring spoon or any domed surface that suits you.

If you use a metal measuring spoon this can be placed on a warm hotplate or cup warmer to dry otherwise leave to air dry which could take a few hours.

Step 4

Once the pieces are completely dry use either a medium grit sanding pad or wet and dry sandpaper, finishing off with fine grit. Use a circular motion so that you get an even edge.

Drill a small hole for the ear wire. Do not drill the hole too close to the edge as the clay shrinks during the firing process.

Step 5

Once the pieces are thoroughly dry then fire them using a fusing kiln, hot pot, butane torch or gas stove following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The earrings can be finished with liver of sulphur by following the manufacturers directions.

Use a burnisher to highlight the raised surfaces after using liver of sulphur.

Attach the ear wires.

You now have a pair of beautiful PMC draped earrings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer the earrings to be plain metal clay silver jewelry then use a rotary tumbler or rub with a silver polishing cloth and do not use any liver of sulphur.

draped metal clay earrings

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